These are the rules.

1 — You may only participate in the competition if you are aged at least 18 years or older.

2 — By participating in the competition you confirm that you agree to our rules and accept them.

3 — All submissions will be pre-selected. The selected submissions will then be appraised by a jury appointed by us. This jury will choose the winners. The jury’s decisions are subject to the suspensive condition that the designs can be put on display (see below).

4 — The publication of all potential winning designs is contingent upon the design approval of the respective advertising space providers. If any designs are required to feature on land that is not publicly owned, a design approval process by the landowner may be necessary in addition. (e.g. DB / train stations). Accordingly, works that were selected by the jury may be rejected in the context of the design approval process.

5 — We are permitted to receive and save your registration details and to use them in the context of the competition. If you require your details to be checked or corrected, write us an e-mail at the following address:

6 — Provided that the prerequisites according to No. 4 are in place, the selected works will be displayed on public billboards. Reclaim will always inform the author of the work before it will be published on a billboard. Every artist retains author’s rights on the image and work. Artists will always be credited as authors, in the event that their work is displayed on billboards Reclaim.

7 — We reserve the right, at our discretion, to exclude any entry from the competition and to remove it from our publications, as far as the following specifications guaranteed by you have not been complied with:

    • You possess sole copyright and are the creator of the entry.
    • You also have the right, in relation to third parties, to submit the entry for this competition.
    • You ensure that your submitted entries do not contain any religious, sexist, youth-endangering and/or racist content. If the art offends good morals, criminal law or road traffic regulations (including, among others, poster designs that resemble road signs), the contractor (provider of the billboards) is entitled to refuse orders. Advertising for political parties, religious groups and politically motivated organizations, as well as for private purposes and for the purpose of private or political statements of opinion, are subject to approval in every case.
    • To the best of your knowledge the entry contains no material that symbolizes or promotes conduct that might be deemed a criminal act or might otherwise be in breach of applicable law in another way.
  • The entry does not in any way infringe the copyrights, brand (rights), or intellectual property rights of third parties and in particular contains no: — Brands that belong to third parties. — Materials that are copyright protected by third parties or — References such as names, optical similarities or comparable features to prominent persons, living or deceased, or to other persons in public life.

8 — In the event of a violation you will compensate us in relation to licence fees, damage compensation or other sums that accrue to third parties.

9 — You are responsible for ensuring that all illustrated persons in your entry have provided their consent to being illustrated and also having this illustration published. Likewise, you are responsible for ensuring that these persons also have the right to provide you with corresponding consent.

10 — All necessary approvals, such as approval for recording, for instance, must be obtained by you.

11 — You ensure that entries that fall under the heading “News” are in conformity with the UNICEF guidelines concerning ethical reporting on children Likewise, you are responsible for ensuring compliance, if applicable, with the corresponding rules of the Press Code.

12 — Unrestricted copyright for every entry remains with the participant.

13 — All participants are in agreement that all entries that are submitted for the competition may be reproduced (with indication of the author’s copyright) and used on all media and screens for the implementation and promotion, e.g. as part of an editors pick, of the competition. You herewith grant us the right to use the submitted entries in the context of promotional measures.

14 — Every entry that is used by us will include a author’s credit. In the event that a credit is omitted in the individual case, this will not lead to any immediate discontinuation of contract as long as all necessary measures are undertaken to eliminate this error within a reasonable period from the moment of awareness.

15 — You herewith provide your consent that your entry, along with your name, may be advertised in the event of a prize for the purpose of promoting the competition.

16 — All winners of the competition concede the right of publication for those works that have been shown in public places, including as a exhibition catalogue in book format. The publication is intended to document and advertise the competition. Production of an exhibition catalogue is optional.

17 — There can be no guarantee for the timely hanging of works, due to the production and hanging of Posters from external service providers, in which case in could cause delay.

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