40 x Art in Cologne. 40 winners in public for 10 days. The Reclaim Award 2020.

A campaign to encourage diversity, heterogeneity and widespread participation to enhance our outdoor spaces.

Internationl entries: We received entries from 41 countries, including Estonia, Iran, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Belgium and the United Kingdom

Cross-generational: 19 to 72. Fifty years lie between the oldest and youngest participant. The eldest participant was 72-years-old and the youngest just 19. Over 50 years differentiate the two, yet both artists share a common desire to exhibit their work in outdoor spaces.

1078 applicants from 41 countries. This is overwhelming evidence that artists want to participate in shaping public spaces.

»The Reclaim Award 2020 arrived at exactly the right moment. As if it were filling the void of not being able to go to a museum during the covid pandemic. Works which were originally small, were given big exposure through their enlarged billboard displays. The audience included passers-by as well as those intent to view the art. One could experience the works from up close or from afar. Remarkably, the juxtaposition of commercial advertisement and artistic motifs enhanced the effect of each piece. «

— Bärbel Möllmann

»A poster of melted ice cream next to REWE – thanks to the Reclaim Award every grocery run became an art experience.«

— Liza Dieckwisch & Julia Gruner

Despite the pandemic we could offer the artists as well as the public a spontaneous guided tour.

Two Reclaim-colors against monotonous advertising.

In order to accompany the visitors in the best possible way despite the Corona regulations, the exhibition was made available online with an interactive map and audio guide. Thus, despite the pandemic, art in Cologne was once again possible – and even free of charge.

The Reclaim Award 2020 was curated by:

Dr. Maria Müller-Schareck
Curator, Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. Ulrika Eller-Rüter
Dean of the Fine Art faculty, Professor of Painting, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Alfter/Bonn

Dr. Romana Rebbelmund
Curator, Design and Fine Art, Graphic Design and Poster, MAKK Cologne

Anke Schmidt
Proprietor, Gallery Anke Schmidt, Cologne

Astrid Bardenheuer
Leiterin Artothek – Raum für junge Kunst

Maurice Funken
Director NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen

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