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Billboards become cultural conceptual spaces, artistic canvases or photographic landscapes. The city becomes a public museum. Reclaim replaces advertising in Cologne on 18/1 billboards with art. Once a year, since 2019, we have been showing around 40-50 international positions in a ten-day group exhibition in public space. Low-threshold, free of charge and accessible to all.

War in Ukraine

The format remains the same. Due to the dramatic situation in Ukraine, we have decided at short notice to support Ukrainian artists with our award in 2022. We want to give you the opportunity to play in Cologne’s public space for ten days in a group exhibition. With your artistic work, you can send a signal against war and for peace and freedom. Accompanying the exhibition, we call for donations for the Blue-Yellow Cross, which supports the people in Ukraine. For this purpose, we are working together with our cooperation partners.

To support us in this project, you can become a poster sponsor and finance a poster space for a Ukrainian artist for € 55. The more artists you fund, the better!

All donations over and above the production costs incurred will be donated by the Reclaim Collective to the Blue-Yellow Cross. In return:

→ If desired, naming on the website as supporter:in
→ Presentation of the name as supporter on sponsor poster
→ Mention on social media channels

Recipient: Reclaim Award
IBAN: DE43 4306 0967 4106 7519 00
Subject: Reclaim Peace

We thank our supporters for their support:

Pia und Jan Gesellchen, Jan Krämer (Ruhrkomplex), Ströer Media Deutschland GmbH, Ernst Poensgen-Stiftung, Supersteini, Michael Horbach-Stiftung, ssp formfaktor GmbH, Wündrich Landschaftsarchitekten, Gehre Media Consulting, Ulrich Naber, Stefan Gretzer, Matti Petersen

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