Reclaim is a collective of individuals initiating an award in Cologne that redefines public space as a place for art. We rent billboards and make them available to artists as their individual exhibition space.

By creating this award, the Reclaim collective contributes to the city’s appeal and enriches its cultural life. The prize is to be awarded regularly once a year in Cologne. Billboards will be reclaimed from their mere commercial use by turning them into spaces of artistic expression and reflection. Their panels become experimental spaces. Depicting diversity, they are inspiring dispute about the use of public space and serve the individual expression of the independent artists.

Hence, Reclaim calls for a competition in which the winners will exhibit their work as an 18/1 poster on large scale billboards rented by Reclaim in central city areas over a period of 10 days. The submitted works must deal with the subject »Design and Use of Public Space«. Emerging and established Artists of all nations and genres will be asked to submit their works. 
A jury of internationally recognized professionals will select the art works for this urban exhibition.

Reclaim is a group of people who oppose the appropriation of public space through advertising.

Initiators Odo Hans, Tobias Handorf and Caspar Wündrich come from the fields of art, graphic design and communication strategy. They work together in their atelier/studio in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne.
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